/Yahoo Messenger logged off permanently!

Yahoo Messenger logged off permanently!

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Source : CNN

Remember Yahoo Messenger?

Remember coming home back from school, putting your computer on, waiting for Windows XP to load, struggling with snail-speed dial-up internet connection to finally connect to the world through purple-window Yahoo messenger and BUZZing the hell out of your friends?

Oh the nostalgia!

Well, the first chatting platform of the genX now in their late twenties and thirties is gone. The 20-year-old Yahoo Messenger launched in 1998 has bid the world farewell as it shut down permanently on July 17, 2018.

The Yahoo! messenger was one of the first online messaging platform that became quite popular over the years. It outperformed Google Talk to become a booming phenomenon, a gateway to virtual chatting equipped with many pubic chat rooms that allowed you to converse with anyone anywhere in the world provided you had the internet connection.

Launched as Yahoo pager in 1998, the app was renamed Yahoo Messenger in 1999. Its old version was shut down in August, 2016 with the latest version introduced in December 2017. Failing to keep up with instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, the Verizon owned Yahoo decided to shut down the app permanently sending a wave of nostalgia among its users across the world.

It introduced the internet generation to the emoticons, virtual environment and video calling. It brought joys to millions across the globe enabling them to talk and converse with their loved ones abroad. It became a platform to find love where many couples found each other in the virtual chat rooms of the Yahoo Messenger.

Forgotten in smartphone era, the messenger built for desktop tried keeping up with changing times developing android and iOS apps but could not compete with likes of Whatsapp and Facebook. For its loyal users who were still using the application, Yahoo has given a six month deadline  to back up their chats. For rest, its redirecting to its new messaging platform Yahoo Squirrel which is still in its beta form.

As its users reminisces the twenty year-long fun-filled ride, it seems like an end of era.

So long Yahoo Messenger. You will be missed!