/Babas backed, Scholars sacked. A funny take on Modern India.

Babas backed, Scholars sacked. A funny take on Modern India.

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Computer Baba                                Source: Daily Bhaskar

(P.S. This is a sarcastic take, we repeat “A SARCASTIC TAKE” on the recent removal of AAP advisors in Delhi. If something offends you, please refer to Article 19 of the Constitution of India and if something tickles your funny bone, feel free to share.)

India is a land of contrasts. Ages ago, when the world out of its sheer ignorance looked at us as the land of snake charmers, they were unaware of the ground breaking discoveries taking place right here in India. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then to know that internet in India existed since Mahabharata, plastic surgery began centuries ago with Lord Ganesha getting an elephant’s head on the body of a human being and planes flew since Vedic times.

However, with the passage of time, much of our treasured accomplishments and hypothesis gave way to silly scientific theories like Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution“.  But as rightly pointed out by our respected Education Minister Satyapal Singh, “has anyone ever seen an ape turning into a human being ?” No, right!!??

While the Central Government led by the BJP is continuously working on improving our education system, there are some who are hell-bent on stopping the Government from achieving its goals.

Take the example of Atishi Marlena who had been working as Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia’s adviser on a token monthly salary of Re 1 for the last three years. She did her graduation in history from St.Stephens, University of Delhi. Then she went on to complete her masters from Oxford University in the same subject on a Chevening Scholarship. She later joined as a Rhodes scholar in Magdalen College, Oxford, in 2005. A double graduate from Oxford! Really !!?? What could she have possibly contributed in an advanced country like ours?

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Acting as an advisor to Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, she initiated projects like Mission Buniyad that aims to improve learning levels of primary and secondary students. Marlena was also instrumental in shaping the Happiness Curriculum designed to increase the “happiness equality” levels of students. She was also involved in strengthening regulations on private school fees and organising parent-teacher meetings, including the largest such meet in Delhi in 2017.

Huh! Parent-teacher meets, improving learning levels of primary and secondary students…well, who needs all of this anyways? All this may be required for providing formal education to our children. But is it really worth it? What do you think are the chances of getting a job in India, a country where PhD scholars, MBA’s line up each day for sweepers’ job.

This lady was trying to bring an education revolution on a monthly salary of ₹1. Poor soul! India doesnt need an Education Revolution. We are already too competent for our own good. Had she known that Computer Baba, one of the five Babas appointed as Minister of State in Madhya Pradesh is pocketing Rs 1,00,000 per month, she would have gone to the Himalayas instead of Oxford! Because ofcourse, we need people who have degrees from The Majestic Himalayas to transform this nation.

But thank God!  The Union Ministry of Home Affairs acted timely and removed nine advisers appointed to the State Government of Delhi including Atishi Marlena stating that the creation of posts and appointments was done illegally. No prior approval was taken from the Central Government while making these appointments. The highly patriotic Central Government led by the BJP, being a law-abiding government that it is, also sacked other advisors who had already resigned and were holding no posts presently. These included names like Raghav Chadha who after being dismissed from the post paid back to the Ministry a sum of  ₹ 2.50 , the amount he said he had drawn as salary as one of the nine advisers in the Arvind Kejriwal government. Well, he’d be wishing he had done Babagiri instead of Chartered Accountancy.

And while the AAP government may call it a political vendetta against its health and education initiatives,  it fails to realise that the Central Government by its actions is only  making it easier for our future generations to understand that nothing and absolutely nothing supersedes Babagiri and no school, no college is bigger than the Himalayas. And if you find it hard to follow the path of self righteousness, worry not, you can always just sit back and sell pakodas instead.