/Phones and iPhones – Copying the iPhone X Notch

Phones and iPhones – Copying the iPhone X Notch

Credits : The Verge

Apple left everyone awestruck with its iPhone X. Full screen display, dual camera with portrait mode features, Face ID phone lock and wireless charging. However the INR 1,00,000  tag was a turn off for many. But when there is a problem, there are oppurtunities and when there are oppurtunities, a solution is not far away.  Soon the market was flooded with much cheaper iPhone X look alikes. China’s GooPhone X was the first to enter the market just weeks after iPhone X’s launch and much before it hit the market.

Android manufacturers aren’t even trying to make devices that look different from Apple’s $1,000 flagship smartphone. Cloning the iPhone isnt something new for the lesser known Asian Brands, But what is unusual is the established tech companies coming out and shamelessly boasting about how it made an iPhone X clone that runs Android.

Names like Huawei, ASUS and LG have produced – or are rumored to be making – notch-clad smartphones this year. While Xiaomi’s Note Pro had small bezels at both ends giving it a different look than the iPhone, Vivo soon went a step ahead Xiaomi with bezel less screen and iPhone like notch at the top with launch of Vivo V9 for an extra few thousands. This was soon followed by brands like Honor, Huawei and One Plus.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Google is working on an “overhaul” of its Android platform that will include the iPhone X’s signature notch at the top of its displays.

However, OnePlus and other companies are insistent on copying notch without bringing any added functionality. They aren’t adding a facial recognition system or 3D scanning system even half as advanced as Apple. As per reports, Android phones won’t even get comparable 3D technology until 2019. All the devices taking inspiration from iPhone X are simply trying to cash the hype by hopping on the notch train.

You have to feel bad for these Android manufacturers because they’re clutching at anything that will give them a chance to survive for another year – and copying Apple can be big business.

That is until Apple comes up with its next idea and everyone else decides to “just make some noise”.