/Faking Followers : Modi tops the chart!

Faking Followers : Modi tops the chart!

Source : Twitter

Prime Minister Narendra Modi surpassed US President Donald Trump with 60 percent fake followers on twitter. Twiplomacy, a digital platform, put out a statistic using Twitter Audit listing the share of bot followers of some of the world top leaders. The list determined by TwitterAudit, which is used by many to validate their social media presence, features Trump, Modi and Pope among others.

Trump, with 47.9 million followers on Twitter, has 37 per cent “fake” followers while Prime Minister Modi who boasts of being the most followed leader in India with 40.3 million followers has almost double the number of fake followers—60 per cent. It means that 16,191,426 out of Modi’s 40,993,053 followers are authentic while 24,799,527 are fake. With an audit score of poor 39 per cent, PM Modi is the world leader in most number of fake followers on twitter.

Wondering why the opposition has not commented on the statistics yet? This is because @OfficeofRG, which is the official twitter handle of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, too has huge bot followers. With 31 per cent audit score, he has 3,696,460 fake followers and just 1,715,634 real followers. AAP President Arvind Kejriwal is not far behind with just 49 percent real followers.

This is not new as few years ago, in 2012 when Modi’s followers touched 1 million, Economic Times had reported that half of his followers were fake as per a web tool called Status People. It seems, over the years, not only has his followers increased, but he is also now quite popular among the bot population too!