/Khalsa Aid- The Unsung Heroes of War Torn Syria

Khalsa Aid- The Unsung Heroes of War Torn Syria

“Nanak, Naam chardikala, Tere bhaane sarbat da bhala.”

With God’s name comes well being, and with His blessings may there be peace for everyone. These form the last words of the Sikh prayer Ardas, but for Ravi Singh these were the beginning of a new era. Inspired by the Sikh idealogy of well being for all, Ravinder Ravi Singh founded Khalsa Aid in the year 1999 with the sole purpose of reaching out to those in need regardless of race, religion and borders.

Khalsa aid is a UK-based humanitarian relief charity providing support around the world to victims of natural and man-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, famine and war. Moved by the footage of Kosova refugees struggling to cross the cold and mountainous border to reach a safer and peaceful Albania, Ravi Singh collected food and money donated by Sikh community and in two weeks reached Albania with two trucks and a van load of aid. Khalsa Aid was thus born. Since then Khalsa Aid has reached out to everyone in distress. Be it the Greece refugee crisis, Nepal earthquake, Vishakhapatnam cyclone, Yemen civil war, Phillipines Typhoon, Muzaffarpur riots, Famine relief in Kenya, displaced sikhs in Pakistan or the Rohingya refugee crisis, Khalsa aid was present, ready to help, to distribute food, water, clothing, medication and sanitation supplies, and raising a hope that humanity is not all lost in this world.

Recently, they have been in news (or not in news!)  for their humanitarian work in war torn Syria. For the past two weeks, Ghouta near Damascus has witnessed a loss of over 500 lives. The bombings by the Syrian government in the rebel held region has led to exodus of refugees in the neighboring countries. While the world ignored its plight including much of  the Indian media which was going frenzy over covering the death of a bollywood actress, Khalsa aid reached out to them helping their bit to make their lives a little better. The group has been engaged in the region since 2014 and their humanitarian relief work has been lauded across the world.

Source : UNOCHA and CNN

Nearly seven years of relentless violence in Syria has displaced half of Syria’s population, including 6.1 million internally displaced, and 5.5 million Syrians living as refugees in the region. Despite the generosity of the neighbouring countries, most Syrian refugee families – and many in their host communities – fall below the poverty line and struggle to meet basic needs.

While the World continues to ignore Syria with UN passing namesake resolutions with no concreate action, Khalsa Aid volunteers are helping people in war torn Nation.

Source: Khalsaaid.org

Not Just Prayers But it is Heroes Like the Khalsa Aid Is What Syria and Humanity Needs Right Now.